The Aggregate Feed is a feed comprised of all of the individual searches that you have made. The aggregate feed will not show you every news story in our database, rather it will show you one consolidated feed of all of the individual searches that you have made.

Here are some tips and tricks:

Feeds to Include: On the left side of the Aggregate Feed you can toggle on and off which feeds that you would like to include. If you want to hide the feeds to include button you can click the left facing arrow button.

Hide Feeds to Include

Search: In the aggregate feed you can do a quick search on top of all of the individual feeds that you have selected. The search tool will look at the most recent 100 stories in each of your individual feeds and is searching the headlines for the text that you have entered. It will not search the body text of the stories.

Searching Aggregate Feed

On the side bar you can toggle on and off which individual feeds that you want to see in the aggregate feed.)

Aggregate Feed Tip: If you always want to have SigDev open on your computer, but don't have an external monitor you can use the aggregate feed and collapse your browser window. This way you can keep SIgDev on your screen at all times, but out of the way of the rest of your work.

Making SigDev Small
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