Before setting alerts on any custom feeds, the first thing you want to deteremine is where you'd like those alerts to go. You have multiple different options for receiving alerts - Slack, Telegram, Twitter DM, or Email. We recommend using Slack, Telegram, or Email.

Go to the settings page. To do this click on your name at the top right corner of the page

Go to Settings

(Optional) If you don't want to receive email alerts, you can add either your twitter handle, Slack Webhook URL, or Telegram User ID in order to receive alerts.

Click here to learn how to create a Slack Webhook
Click here to learn how to find your Telegram User ID

Once you have entered the platforms that you would like to see alerts on click the notifications tab on the left side of the settings page. You can then select which method you would like to use to receive alerts.

Optional: if you would like to snooze your alerts during certain times of the day click Snooze SigDev Notifications and enter the times during the week or on the weekend when you don't want to receive alerts.

Adjust alert option

Once you have figured out how you would like to receive alerts you can move on to setting your first SigDev alerts! To set alerts simply go back to the SigDev tab and on the Individual Feeds click the small alert button at the top corner of each indvidual feed. If you would like to turn off notifications, simply click that button again.

If the feed is extremely active (i.e. you would received more than 10 notifications in any individual day) you will be prompted by a warning. You can still continue to create alerts if you would like, but don't be surprised if the amount of alerts you receive is overwhelming. We recommend keeping alerts to only your most important feeds, where you would not want to miss any stories.

Set an Alert
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