On SigDev you can add both Default Feeds and Custom Feeds

When you are just getting started, we recommend sticking to default feeds. Once you become more familiar with SigDev and how it works, Custom Feeds enable you to extract the most value out of the platform.

Adding a Default Feed

Adding a default feed is the fastest and simplest way to get SigDev set up when you begin using the platform. To get started click either the blue Add a Feed button at the top of your SigDev page or the Add a Feed square at the bottom of your SigDev page. This square will show next to the last feed that you have created.

Add a Feed

You will then be taken to a page which has all of the different default feed options available on The TIE. On the left you will see Source-Based Feeds - a source-based feed is a feed that shows you every story from a particular source. On the right you will see Topic-Based Feeds - these feeds will show you every story relevant to a particular topic. To add additional default feeds simply click on them with your mouse (these feeds will highlight green). Once you are done you can click the Add x Feeds Button at the top of the page. Once you are done adding a feed it will be added to the bottom of your SigDev Indivdiual Feeds screen.

Add Default Feeds

Click Here to Learn How to Create a Custom Feed
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